Department of Public Utility Control


DONALD W. DOWNES, Chairperson

Established - 1911

Statutory authority – CGS Sec 16-2

Central office - Ten Franklin Square,

New Britain, CT  06051

Number of employees - 159

Recurring operating expenses - $17, 630,570

Organizational structure - Office of the Commissioners, Utility Regulation and Research Division, Advocacy, Operations Division, Adjudication Division, Consumer Education Outreach Division.



     The mission of the Department of Public Utility Control (DPUC) is to ensure that safe, reliable, modern, and fairly priced utility services are available throughout Connecticut.  The DPUC has primary responsibility for Connecticut’s investor-owned electric, gas, water, telecommunications and cable television companies.


     During 2001-2002 the DPUC accomplished the following:

·         Continued processing applications to license competitive providers of electricity

·         Pursued Consumer Education Outreach regarding electric restructuring, speaking engagements statewide and also added a conservation message to the presentation

·         Reviewed basic cable TV rates, and renewed several CATV franchises

·         Coordinated efforts among electric utilities regarding electric capacity needs and investigated the possibility of shortages of electricity in southwestern CT

·         Reviewed water utility land sales of vast tracts of open space land

·         Revoked the licenses of telecommunications companies that do not comply with state requirements

·         Began phase two of a study regarding unbundling in the natural gas industry


     The Department’s docket database, along with copies of each Decision, draft Decision, calendar and notices of all events are posted on its website.  The Department expanded its ability to accept electronic filings from applicants.

     Regarding competitive utility service, the DPUC has approved 294 intrastate toll providers, 135 local-exchange telephone service providers and 45 pay phone companies.  The Department has also approved 25 companies to provide competitive electric service.  More than 20,000 electric utility customers have switched to a competitive provider of electricity.

     The Department continues to initiate policies that give consumers more options.  These policies are comprehensive, consider both long- and short-term perspectives, reflect changes in the statutory and utility environments, focus on close cooperation with other State agencies and are consistent with State policy.

     During 2001-2002, the DPUC opened 251 new dockets and issued more than 520 final Decisions.  It continued its gas pipeline safety/incident inspections and Call-Before-You-Dig oversight.  It also responded to more than 50,000 calls, letters and electronic inquiries from utility consumers.  The DPUC maintained its commitment to affirmative action activity and to obtain parity in its workforce.