Division of Criminal Justice

Office of the Chief State’s Attorney




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At a Glance


KEVIN T. KANE, Chief State’s Attorney

John J. Russotto, Deputy Chief State’s Attorney for Personnel, Finance and Administration

Leonard C. Boyle, Deputy Chief State’s Attorney for Operations

Established 1973

Constitutional authority - Article XXIII of the amendments to the Connecticut Constitution  Statutory authority - CGS §§51-276 and 51-277

Central office - 300 Corporate Place,

Rocky Hill, CT 06067

Number of employees - 553 (positions authorized) - 532 (positions filled)

Recurring operating expenses - $54.0 million (all sources)

Organizational structure - The Division of Criminal Justice is composed of the Office of the Chief State’s Attorney and one State’s Attorney’s office for each of the state’s thirteen Judicial Districts.




The Division of Criminal Justice is the agency within the Executive branch of government responsible for investigating and prosecuting all criminal matters, both in adult and juvenile courts, in the State of Connecticut.  The agency also represents the state in all appellate, post-trial and post-conviction proceedings arising from the prosecution of criminal matters.




Improvements/Achievements 2008-09

     The Division, with an ever-increasing caseload,* continued to seek out innovative means to further its public safety mission despite ongoing budgetary pressures. New initiatives included the hiring of the agency’s first Information Technology Manager who will spearhead the Division’s creation and implementation of an internal Case Management System with the aim of minimizing case processing time and eliminating redundant data.  In the further pursuit of optimizing the accuracy of data collection and reporting, the Division received preliminary federal approval for its Audit of Law Enforcement Data Baseline to Criminal History Repository Records project.   


     *In Fiscal Year 2009, including Added and Disposed cases, the Division of Criminal Justice processed in excess of 688,000 case events.  Over 131,000 criminal cases were added -- an increase of 6.44% since 2007.  Pending cases have risen over 12% in the last two years.  The Division has 16,450 Pending Felony cases, 16 Pending Capital Felony cases, and over 800 open Habeas Corpus cases.


    Stephen J. Sedensky III, State’s Attorney for the Judicial District of Danbury, was among the recipients of the first-ever Outstanding Service Awards presented by the National Children’s Advocacy Center.  According to the Center, the Outstanding Service Awards were presented for the first time this year to recognize the contributions of professionals who demonstrate excellence in the collaborative approach to protecting children from the impact of child sexual abuse and exploitation.  The award nomination cited Mr. Sedensky’s work as a prosecutor in Bridgeport and Danbury, as the Chief State’s Attorney’s designee to the Governor’s Task Force on Justice for Abused Children and his critical role in bringing a replicable, nationally recognized child abuse training program to Connecticut through the “Finding Words” project.


    The Division's highly successful internship program once again provided educational opportunities to 35 law students during the fiscal year.  The year also saw the number of female Inspectors within the Division double. 


    Since 2003 the Division has conducted an Annual Training Program for prosecutors.  Over 110 Division personnel attended an enhanced, intensive two-day program in 2008.  Featured sessions included training on immigration basics, eyewitness identification, and updates on search and seizure law.  Other significant training efforts included a one-day Annual Training Program for Inspectors, attendance at the Department of Corrections’ DOC Training for Prosecutors, participation in the Connecticut Criminal Justice Cross Training Conference, and the conducting of specialized training on Cell Phone and Computer Crime Investigations.


    The Division=s Cold Case Unit investigates and prosecutes serious crimes that have gone "cold," or unsolved for a long period of time.  Cases over the past year included DNA cases (with support from a federal Solving Cold Cases with DNA grant award), physical evidence cases and eye witness accounts. Arrests were made for crimes including murder, sexual assault, kidnapping, and armed robbery.  The Unit currently has 31 active cases, and case referral is at an all time high.  On a related note, the Division is proud of its ongoing cooperation with the Connecticut Innocence Project in regard to the testing of potentially exculpatory DNA evidence.  One such case resulted in the exoneration of an individual incarcerated for murder and the subsequent identification and arrest of a suspect who has been linked to and charged with two additional homicides.  


    The public can confidentially report allegations of corruption at the state and local levels of government through the Division=s "tip line." Calls to the toll-free number, 1-888-742-2726, are processed by the Public Integrity Bureau in the Office of the Chief State's Attorney.  The Atip line@ received 23 calls in the last year.


    The Division continues to collect data generated through its implementation of a legislature-sponsored pilot program to record confessions in major felony investigations. Over 150 custodial interviews have been recorded, resulting in more than 75 confessions.