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   DAS Learning Center CLASS SCHEDULE
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  Career Development
        Navigating the State Exam System  
        Social Identities: How Others See Us; How We See Ourselves  
  Human Resource Management Certificate Program
        Human Resource Management Certificate Program  
  Labor Law & State Mandated Courses
        Disability Law 101  
        Diversity Training  
        Sexual Harassment Prevention  
        Sexual Harassment Prevention for Managers & Supervisors  
        Workplace Violence Prevention Training  
  Managers' Knowledge Base
        Aspiring Leaders 2014  
        Managers Day 2014  
        Threat Assessment Team Training  
  Professional Development
        Customer Service  
        Effective Performance Appraisals  
  Special Topics
        Essential Records Protection for Disaster & COOP Planning  
        LEAN 101 for CT State Agencies  
        LEAN Coordinator Workshop  
        Positively Stressed  
        Pumping Neurons - Boost Your Brain Power  
        Train the Trainer Certificate Program 2014  
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