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        Correctional Managed Health Care

The University of Connecticut Health Center Correctional Managed Health Care program (CMHC) offers nurses an alternative specialty -- one that is rapidly growing and evolving in the area of community health care. Correctional Nursing provides the opportunity to practice nursing in a unique, diverse environment with a team of multidisciplinary health care professionals.

Through a partnership with the UConn Health Center and the Connecticut Department of Correction, comprehensive, medical, mental health, dental and ancillary services are provided in all eighteen (18) facilities across the state. Correctional Nurses encounter patients at many levels of acuity in a wide variety of clinic and infirmary settings. Many health issues are similar to the public sector with the added responsibility, challenge, and personal reward of providing quality nursing care to one of the most underserved populations in America.

The CMHC workforce is diverse and totals approximately 700 employees of which fifty percent are nurses. As a state agency, the Health Center offers comprehensive state benefits, competitive salaries and compensation.

There is a high level of job satisfaction in Correctional Nursing due to professional autonomy and participation as a leader in the treatment team concept. As a bonus, by providing quality nursing care for inmates, Correctional Nurses have the opportunity to make a positive difference in the health outlook for all communities.

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