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DAS Services To Municipalities, Schools and Not-for-Profit Organizations

Whether you are a local government, school or not-for-profit organization, most likely your number one goal is to deliver high quality products and services at the best possible price. The Department of Administrative Services Procurement staff can help you achieve all these goals while saving you money. Most of the state's contracts are open for use by municipalities, public school systems and certain non-profit organizations. By pooling and leveraging our spending, we can all save money together.

Post Bids and RFP's on the Connecticut State Contracting Portal.  Email for more information.


It works just like a personal credit card with custom designed features and built in controls to meet the specific needs of the card holder and your municipality, school or not-for-profit organization. Call Kerry DiMatteo at 860-713-5072 for more information.

State Surplus Property
The state surplus property program is available to state agencies and to towns, schools and non-profits. You may contact the Surplus main phone number at (860) 571-7445 and Fax (860) 571-7444.

Federal Surplus Property

Contractor Prequalification Program
Click here to learn about the DAS Contractor Prequalification Program. Call the Prequalification main phone number at 860-713-5280 for more information.

What Services Does DAS Offer

DAS administers contracts that can be used by Political Sub-Divisions, Schools and certain Not-for-Profits. Go to the Quick Links section (found on this page) to search for contracts.

Post your organization's Bids/RFP solicitations on the State Contracting Portal website. Call 860-713-5095  to set up an account. 

Need help finding a contract? Call DAS Procurement Services for assistance at 860-713-5095. 

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Contact Us

DAS Procurement Division

165 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT  06106 
Telephone: (860) 713-5095

Contact:  Eva Orlinski or Marisol Rivera


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