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State Marshal Commission

The State Marshal Commission is an Executive Branch commission, located within the Department of Administrative Services at:

State Marshal Commission
450 Columbus Boulevard
Suite 1504
Hartford, CT 06103
Phone: (860) 713-5372
Fax: (860) 622-2938
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The State Marshal Commission operates within the Department of Administrative Services with independent decision making authority.

The State Marshal Commission was created by Public Act 00-99, in 2000. Chapter 78 of the Connecticut General Statutes sets forth the law covering the state marshal system. Pursuant to Conn. Gen. Stat. Sec. 6-38b the State Marshal Commission consists of eight members appointed by the specified executive, judicial and legislative branch authorities. The term for members is three years.  There are also two Ex-Officio members of the Commission from the State Marshals Advisory Board.

The State Marshal Commission generally meets monthly to conduct business under its statutory mandate.  The Commission implements examination and appointment procedures as well as training for new appointees.  By statutes, regulations and policies, the Commission also is involved in many functions, including but not limited to setting training requirements, professional standards, audit policies, disciplinary protocol, restraining order rotations and administrative procedures for the efficient and fair operation of the state marshal system.

Members of the State Marshal Commission

List of State Marshals:
The following is a list of all persons authorized to act as State Marshals. The Judicial Branch will make this list available to the public in the clerk's offices of each courthouse throughout the state.

State Marshals Listed by County:

State Marshal Calendar of Obligations

State Marshals Advisory Board

Frequently Asked Questions

The State Marshal Commission Meeting Information

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