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WELCOME to the State of Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Program. The program is centrally administered through the Department of Administrative Services (DAS), under authority of C.G.S. § 31-284a.

Our Mission
DAS is committed to administering the State of Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Program to be current with the standards of an ever-changing industry. The main objective is to achieve the delicate balance between cost effectiveness for our organization and the delivery of a responsive program to our injured employees. The goal is to empower and support state agencies to meet the established operational procedures within the program as well as assisting them to promote a culture of safety within their respective workforces.

The State of Connecticut is self-insured for liabilities associated with work related injuries and illnesses. All workers’ compensation claims are reported and internally processed through individual state agencies. DAS contracts with a third party claim administration company for all claim adjusting services, the physician provider directory, and all supporting managed care services to the program.

This web site is designed to provide state agencies with the information and tools necessary for the uniform administration of the State of Connecticut workers’ compensation program. The right side menu provides links to the DAS WC Manual and pertinent sections within it. Additional links have been established to disseminate information to support the program.

Four of the links require security access, they are identified with an asterisk prior to the title. These links are located on the DAS Business Network, 'BizNet'.  BizNet access roles are available to all state agency workers’ compensation liaisons through the DAS Workers’ Compensation Division.  

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