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Subscribing will allow DAS to send a daily e-mail to you announcing procurement solicitations and addendums that have been posted on the DAS website. Upon receiving the email, you can refer to the list of commodities that had activity for that particular day. This list can be found at the top of each notice.

Please note that this service is provided as a courtesy to assist in monitoring the solicitations.  Since e-mail can be unreliable, DAS does not guarantee that subscribers will receive all e-mails.

By subscribing to this service, you accept responsibility to periodically visit the web site to remain informed of program changes. You also agree that all notice or updates are effective when posted on the web site regardless of whether an e-mail was sent by DAS or received by you.

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Is your company a Certified Connecticut Small or Minority Business?
You may be may be eligible if you meet these conditions:

  • Company's Principal Place of Business is in Connecticut
  • Company has been under the same ownership or management for at least one year
  • Company gross receipts do not exceed $15,000,000 during the most recent fiscal year end and
  • 51% of ownership is held by a person or persons who exercise the operational authority over the daily operation of the business, has the power to direct policies and management, and receives the beneficial interest of the business.

There are significant benefits associated with certification!

  • Some bids are restricted to Small and Minority Business participation
  • Agencies regularly search for Certified Businesses when sourcing their local purchasing needs
  • 30-day rather than 45-day payment terms
  • Certification provides visibility to the Small/Minority Business seeking procurement opportunities with the State of Connecticut and the Private Sector.
  • Other Political Subdivisions, Municipalities, Non-Profits, and the Private Sector are utilizing the certification program as a vehicle to source many of their procurement needs.

Check it out! You have everything to gain  (And nothing to lose!)

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