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Supplier Diversity Program Information

The State of Connecticut’s Supplier Diversity Program was established to ensure Connecticut small businesses an opportunity to bid on a portion of the State’s purchases. 

The main objective of the program is to increase the number of small and minority business enterprises the Office of Supplier Diversity certifies throughout Connecticut.  

For the purpose of this program, women-owned business enterprises and business enterprises owned by a person/s with a disability are included in the minority business entity group. 

Business Development Representatives are responsible for identifying and certifying small and minority businesses by conducting thorough and effective eligibility reviews while ensuring vendors receive prompt and responsive customer service. 

Eligibility criteria are set forth in Section 4a-60g of the Connecticut General Statutes.  The Department of Administrative Services, Office of Supplier Diversity maintains a list of certified small and minority business enterprises which is available online.

In addition, Connecticut General Statutes, Section 4a-60g, requires Connecticut State agencies and political subdivisions of the State to set aside each fiscal year, after approved exemptions by the Department of Administrative Services, 25% of their budgets for construction, housing rehabilitation, and purchasing supplies and services to be awarded to certified small businesses, with 25% of this amount to be awarded to certified minority business enterprises. 

To participate, a small or minority-owned business must register with the Department of Administrative Services whose responsibility is ensuring the business meets the qualification set by law. Once certified, a business can bid on contracts covered by the Program.  This certification does not exclude companies from bidding on other State contracts

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