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Small/Minority Business Compliance Program (State Agency Compliance Reports)

The Office of Supplier Diversity is in charged with collecting data and determining compliance with Connecticut General Statute 4a-60g regarding the utilization of Small/Minority Businesses for State funded projects. The State of Connecticut DAS/Supplier Diversity forms and instructions are now available below. The Department of Administrative Services has provided the Annual Goals Calculation Report Forms to you in Excel format. This will allow you to complete these forms in a convenient and expeditious manner. Also, you will be able to electronically send these forms to your DAS Supplier Diversity Program Business Development Rep, Stan Kenton, as well as a copy to CHRO’s Representative, Joshua Goldberg.
-* Please Note: For agencies reporting on a Fiscal Year basis, the due date for submitting the Annual Goals Calculation Report has been changed from August 1, 2017 to August 30, 2017.



Click here for link to CHRO website (Quarterly Reports)

Please return your Agency's completed Quarterly Report as an e-mail attachment to: and

State Agencies Annual SBE/MBE (Set-Aside) Goal Achievement Summary Reports

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