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Employees' Review Board

The Board’s mission is to decide personnel appeals of state managers and confidential employees or groups of such employees, who are not included in any collective bargaining unit of state employees.  Appeals can involve such issues as dismissal, suspension, demotion, denial of promotion, lay off and claimed misapplication of a specific state personnel statute or regulation.

Members of the Employees' Review Board

ERB Meeting and Minutes Information

ERB Hearings

ERB Agenda - August 2, 2017

ERB Minutes - August 2, 2017

Statutes: Section 5-201 - 5-202 and Section 4-61dd of the General Statutes

Regulations: Section 5-201-10 - 5-201-17 of the Regulations of the Connecticut State Agencies.


Index of Decisions by Case/Date

Index of Decisions by Subject Matter


Employees' Review Board
450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 1404
Hartford, CT  06103
Phone 860-713-5179
Fax 860-622-2968

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