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Supplier Diversity (Set-Aside)

The Office of Supplier Diversity, formerly the Set Aside Program, primary focus is to improve economic opportunities for the State‘s Small And Minority Businesses.

The Office of Supplier Diversity:

  • Serves as primary liaison for small vendors seeking state procurement opportunities,
  • Recruit and certify small, women, minority and disabled-owned businesses to participate in the Set-Aside Program
  • Measures the states success as it relates to SBE/MBE spending
  • Matchmaking viable-growth oriented SBE/MBE businesses with purchasing/contracting opportunities
  • Advocate for Small Business Enterprises working within the state procurement process

SBE/MBE looking to do business with the State of Connecticut will find a government that is customer-friendly and looking to do business with the Small/Minority Business community.

Eligibility Requirements

Supporting Documents


SBE/MBE (Set-Aside) Certification/Recertification Application 

SBE/MBE Company Directory Search

Search for SBE/MBE companies, view certificates, certificate history, company ownership and contract information.

Small/Minority Business Compliance Program

State Agency Compliance Reports

Political Subdivision Compliance Reports


Useful Small Business Resources


Links to SBE/MBE Related Statutes

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