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P-Card (Purchasing) Program

The P-Card program is a credit card program co-sponsored by the Department of Administrative Services and the Office of the State Comptroller. The P-Card is a MasterCard issued by JPMorgan Chase. It works just like a personal credit card with custom designed features and built in controls to meet the specific needs of the cardholder's agency, municipality, school or not-for-profit organization.


Get started with P-Card Online (POL) which is the Internet application created for the request, issuing, maintenance, documentation and reporting of Purchasing Cards (P-Cards).  The POL system allows the coordinator to electronically request a new P-Card and eliminates the need to forward paper applications and email card change requests to the Administrator. 

Please note that this system does not replace PaymentNet.  PaymentNet is still used for all transaction data.

Login to P-Card On-Line.

Instructions for P-Card Online System (Agency Coordinators)

POL P-Card Application:

  1. Coordinator logs into POL and electronically submits P-Card application information to Administrator for approval and processing
  2. Administrator receives request and approves and processes application with bank
  3. POL system emails coordinator and cardholder notifying them the request was made to the bank and we are waiting for the plastic card
  4. Administrator receives plastic card, sends it to coordinator and email notice is sent to coordinator that card is on the way and needs to be issued to cardholder
  5. Coordinator trains cardholder and issues card then acknowledges this action in POL


POL Card Maintenance Change Request (examples: name, address, authorizations and lost/stolen cards):

  1. Coordinator logs into POL and enters request to change a P-Card
  2. Administrator reviews request and makes changes in PaymentNet
  3. Administrator approves request in POL and confirmation is sent to coordinator and cardholder that the request was approved and completed

PaymentNet Reports

Do you have a P-Card question you want answered? Check the FAQs first and search on your topic.



Fuel Card


LOST OR STOLEN CARDS – immediately call the bank 1-800-316-6056

Use the links to the procedures below to make this process easier.  Print the procedures and keep handy or post them for quick reference.

 Lost or Stolen Dept Card Procedures
• Lost or Stolen P-Card Procedures

P-Card Forms



The Purchasing Card Contract is available to all state agencies, municipalities, non-profits and schools. For more details: Check out the P-Card Contract.

Forms to get started:

Interested in knowing who else is using P-Cards? Check out the link below and who has already piggybacked off the State's P-Card Contract.

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