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State Surplus Property Program

The Department of Administrative Services, State Property Distribution Program provide state agencies, municipalities, approved non-profit organizations and the bidding public with state surplus government property.


The State of CT has changed its Surplus Vehicle Sales Process.  Please note that all state vehicle auctions are now held online at:  Please see below for more details.

For questions about the State Surplus Program call 860-571-7445.

Vehicle Auction Information

All state vehicle auctions are now held online at  As per policy and procedures, these vehicles will be held for 14 days to give state agencies and municipalities a chance to purchase them prior to going to public auction. Once this time period has elapsed, surplus state vehicles are available to the public via auction. Read how to sign up here.

Property Auction Information

All state property auctions are now held online at  To view State of CT Auctions, follow the instructions below:
   1.  Go to
   2. In the “Browse auctions within area” section, Select Region = “Connecticut”
   3. Then, Select Agency = “State of Connecticut”
   4. Then Click the hyperlink for “View All Auctions for State of Connecticut”

Other Sales (Including Sealed Bids)

     Click here for information on other sales, including sealed bids.

State Agencies, Municipalities and Not-For-Profit Organizations Only

On-line Surplus Property Auction (Not including vehicles) - Instructions for State Agencies

The State Property Distribution Program (Login)
Go to the State Property Distribution login page. This site lists all state surplus property (non real estate). The site is available to state agencies. This is to be used solely for the purpose of entering mandatory recycled items in SCRAP condition, as well as CPUs, laptops and CRT computer monitors in any condition.

Frequently Asked Questions ( - Related to Surplus Property


DPS-38 Disposal of Surplus Property Form

DPS-38a Disposal of Seized Property Form

How does the State Program Work?

The State Property Distribution Program is the legally authorized agent for the disposition of all state surplus property and material. This program:
 - Transfers state surplus property to state agencies
 - Assists municipalities with the option of acquiring used items of good quality
 - Holds public property and vehicle auctions
 - Donates surplus property to approved non-profit organizations

Print Application for State Surplus Program Application – Click Here


State Agency and Municipality Information for New Online Vehicle Auction Process

On-line Surplus Vehicle Auction Instructions for State Agencies

On-line Surplus Vehicle Auction Instructions for Municipalities

Electronic DPS-29 – Sale Declaration Report (needed to surplus vehicles)


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