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Official Memoranda - Current

17-0201/24/2017Observance of Holidays - 2018
16-0404/26/2016Core-CT Coding for Layoff and related Transactions - Revised
16-02 DAS/OLR03/14/2016Layoff Seniority Lists for All Collective Bargaining Units
16-0101/15/2016Observance of Holidays- 2017
15-0202/25/2015Procedures for Health Insurance Benefits (Revised)
15-01 DAS/OLR01/15/2015NP-2 Seniority Lists
15-0102/17/2015Observance of Holidays - 2016
14-01 DAS/OLR02/03/2014NP-2 Seniority Lists
14-00101/24/2014Observance of Holidays - 2015
13-02 DAS/OLR02/04/2013Statewide P-5 Seniority List & Future Automated Calculations
13-00203/22/2013Public Act 12-01 - Changes to Longevity for Employees Exempt from Collective Bargaining
13-00101/25/2013Observance of Holidays- 2014
11-00202/22/2011Observance of Holidays -2012
09-001A04/03/2009Layoff Seniority Lists for All Collective Bargaining Units
08-00307/18/2008Commercial Driver License Information
07-00203/09/2007Item No. 535-Q
06-00710/23/2006Calculating Seniority
06-00609/08/2006Federal and State Fair Labor Standards Acts Review and Resulting Changes
06-00508/18/2006Diversity Training
04-00203/16/2004Policy on Early Release and Delayed Openings – Executive Branch Employees Only
01-0505/07/2001Working Test Period (in a lower class) after Promotion to a Higher Class
99-01610/14/1999Effective Date of Promotion to Target Class
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