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State Marshal Advisory Board

Under Connecticut General Statutes Section 6-38c, there is a State Marshals Advisory Board consisting of twenty-four state marshals. Annually, state marshals in each county elect from among the state marshals in their county the following number of state marshals to serve on the board for a term of one year with the potential to be re-elected.

Hartford, New Haven and Fairfield Counties, four state marshals;

New London and Litchfield Counties, three state marshals;

Tolland , Middlesex and Windham Counties, two state marshals.

The Advisory Board provides a centralized group to discuss and take action on issues important to state marshals. The Advisory Board maintains working relationships with the main branches of government and remains current on changes in laws and procedures applicable to state marshals.

Ex-Officio Members to the State Marshal Commission

Two members of the State Marshals Advisory Board are elected to serve as Ex-Officio members of the State Marshal Commission. The Ex-Officio members provide important and critical input to the State Marshal Commission on legislative, legal, policy and disciplinary issues and other matters relevant to state marshals throughout Connecticut.

State Marshal Advisory Board Members 2017


Hartford Fairfield New Haven Tolland New London
John Lepito Kenneth Lombardi Robert Miller Sharon Uhlman Greg Kehaya
Keith Niziankiewicz Kevin McNeil   Greg Woodruff Travis Ramano
Beth Ostrowski John McNicholas     Louis Sullivan
Lisa Stevenson Harry Ackley      
Litchfield Middlesex Windham    
Suzanne Corbett Richard Albrecht Art Johnson    
Julianne Ingham Luis Menendez Kevin Wakley    
Arthur Quinn        











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