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In certain situations, a current state employee may apply a previous exam score to a new exam for the same classification. Any Agency Promotional or Statewide Promotional exam meeting the criteria will be clearly identified on the exam announcement. Employees who would like to apply a previous score to the newly announced promotional exam will need to complete the Promotional Examination Score/Application Request Form CT-HR-26 and submit it to the Department of Administrative Services prior to the closing date on the examination announcement. See General Letter 38 for more information.

Statewide Examinations

NEW! DAS Statewide HR now has the Applicant Active Examination List website.  Create your BizNet account, if you don’t already have one, then login and track the active exams you’ve taken and their current expiration dates.  Please note the site does not include failed exams or examination lists which have expired.

FAQ - Retaking Examinations

Job TitleClass CodeClosing DateAgency NameOpen To
CHEMIST 1 1540 Several Dates Multiple AgenciesPublic
CHEMIST 2 7520 Several Dates Multiple AgenciesPublic
COMPLAINT OFFICER 2955 12/02/2015Victim Advocate, Office ofPublic
EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY SPECIALIST 1 0159 Several Dates Multiple AgenciesPublic
EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY SPECIALIST 2 0143 Several Dates Multiple AgenciesPublic
FINANCIAL CLERK New3847 12/10/2015Multiple AgenciesPublic
FLEET OPERATIONS SAFETY COORDINATOR 3935 12/07/2015Administrative Services, Dept OfPublic
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ANALYST 1 7603 Several Dates Multiple AgenciesPublic
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ANALYST 2 7604 Several Dates Multiple AgenciesPublic
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ANALYST 3 7605 Several Dates Multiple AgenciesPublic
INSURANCE ASSOCIATE EXAMINER 1781 12/07/2015Insurance DeptPublic
MUSEUM CURATOR 3 New5855 12/11/2015Economic and Community Development, Dept OfPublic
NUTRITIONAL CONSULTANT 2 7391 Several Dates Public Health, Dept OfPublic
PARALEGAL SPECIALIST 6142 Several Dates Multiple AgenciesPublic
PRINCIPAL CHEMIST 6377 Several Dates Multiple AgenciesPublic
TRANSPORTATION MAINTENANCE CREW LEADER (ELECTRIC MAINT.) 2536 12/07/2015Transportation, Dept Of Agency Employees
TRANSPORTATION PLANNER 1 New8875 12/10/2015Transportation, Dept OfPublic


Jobs E-Alert

This application form is not to be used for the following examinations: State Police Trooper Trainee, Correction Officer, Protective Services Trainee (Police), State Marshal, Office Assistant and Secretary 1.

The following State of Connecticut Application Form for Examination and Employment (CT-HR-12) is to be used to apply for examinations and job opportunities effective October 1, 2010. PLD-1 Application Forms should not be used on or after October 1, 2010. If a currently posted examination announcement or job/position posting instructs you to complete a PLD-1, please complete the new application form (CT-HR-12) below. The PLD-1 is no longer available on the DAS website.

CT-HR-12 State of Connecticut Application Form for Examination and Employment (PDF version)

CT-HR-13 State of Connecticut Addendum to the Application Form for Examination and Employment – Criminal Convictions*

CT-HR-19 Veteran's Credit Request Form*

* Only complete this form if you are specifically instructed to do so on a job posting or by a hiring agency.


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