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4406  HC - 24 HEALTH PROGRAM ASSOCIATE  Aug 24, 2012
In a state health program or project, this class is accountable for performing high level work in the implementation and coordination of the non-clinical aspects of health care programs or projects.
This class performs high level work independently or as a lead member of a group or team on a given assignment.
This class is distinguished from the Health Program Supervisor by not having full accountability for supervising a designated program or the program being less than statewide in impact or scope. This class is distinguished from Health Program Assistants as having more responsibilities such as budget development, negotiation of grants and contracts, work distribution, public relations, cost estimating, etc.
Works under the limited supervision of a Health Program Supervisor or other employee of higher grade.
May lead Health Program Assistants and other staff as assigned.
The specific duties and responsibilities of this generic class vary widely depending on the nature of the program and the current stage in its life cycle. Typical examples of duties include the following: serves as regional coordinator for a statewide health program or project with responsibility for developing and maintaining appropriate programs, projects and liaisons in their assigned regions; participates in planning, organization and implementation of a statewide health program by having responsibility for major components of program such as staffing, work assignment and distribution decisions; initiates and oversees public relations efforts; establishes and maintains relationships involved in program within agency and with other state, community or public agencies; assists division head in expediting program; prepares comprehensive reports on planning and progress of program; develops objectives so program functions within cost estimates; analyzes, evaluates and interprets data; advises and participates in formulation of task forces within or outside agency and coordinates activities so program is successfully accomplished; works with federal, state and community agencies on new, proposed or revised programs to clarify or develop objectives, determine method of integrating programs in agency operations and establish cost estimates; provides technical assistance to community agencies; assists in drafting of legislation and regulations; gathers fiscal and programmatic data on programs and participates in planning budget and programmatic aspects of program; may also be assigned to conduct health planning, program monitoring and grants management for particular programs; may be involved in approval of grants or projects; may speak publicly about program issues and develop information for public distribution; performs related duties as required.
Considerable knowledge of purposes, plans, objectives and programs of public health agencies including changing patterns of preventive medicine and environmental health; considerable knowledge of relationships between risk factors and evidence of health problems; considerable knowledge of changing aspects of social-medical philosophies; knowledge of research and evaluation design methodologies; knowledge of state and community organizations and programs involved in field of public health and medical care; considerable oral and written communication skills; interpersonal skills; considerable ability to plan, organize and direct a complex technical program; ability to analyze, evaluate and interpret data; ability to lead and train staff.
General Experience:
Seven (7) years of professional experience in a health organization.
Special Experience:
One (1) year of the General Experience must have been in health care program administration, a health systems agency or other health care organization in at least one of the following areas:
grant writing or monitoring;
formal program planning, development, management or evaluation;
or program consultation.
For State Employees this is interpreted at the level of Health Program Assistant 2.
A health care organization is defined as a large multi-dimensional agency with responsibility for developing health programs.
Substitutions Allowed:
College training may be substituted for the General Experience on the basis of fifteen (15) semester hours equalling one half (1/2) year of experience to a maximum of four (4) years for a Bachelor's degree.
A Master's degree in health education, hospital administration, public administration, public health or other closely related field may be substituted for one (1) additional year of the General Experience.
For State Employees one (1) year as a Health Program Assistant 2 may substitute for the General and Special Experience.
Incumbents in this class may be required to travel.
This replaces the existing specification for the class of Health Program Associate in Salary Group HC 24 approved effective March 12, 2010. (Revised to modify Special Experience)

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