Class Code Pay Plan Class Title Eff.Date
4112  VR - 99 GENERAL WORKER  Mar 21, 2014
In a state agency this class is used in the following ways:
PATIENT WORKER: In accordance with Sec. 5-198 (q) of the Connecticut General Statutes, patient workers are defined as, patients of state institutions who receive compensation for services rendered therein. Examples of duties include: cleans wards, kitchens, dining rooms and other areas within facility or institution; performs simple tasks in preparation, handling or distribution of foods; helps in maintenance work such as cutting grass, shoveling snow, moving supplies, collecting and dispensing trash, rubbish and garbage; distributes, empties and sterilizes glassware, wash basins, bed pans, etc.; makes beds, stores linens, collects and counts soiled laundry; may assist in physical care of patient; may participate in workshop or other work activity center.
STUDENT WORKER: In accordance with Sec. 5-198 (o) of the Connecticut General Statutes, student workers are defined as students in educational institutions who are employed on a part-time basis. This class is limited to matriculating students enrolled in educational institutions who are employed on a part-time basis at such educational institutions. Incumbents who are classified as student workers may not work more than (6) months, the equivalent of 1040 hours, in a calendar year.
DEVELOPMENTAL SERVICES-SELF ADVOCATE COORDINATOR: Self Advocate Coordinators perform a range of duties to influence change that will result in the enhanced empowerment of people with cognitive disabilities to have control in their lives and authority over the resources that support them. Examples of duties include: provide leadership, mentor, train consumers, families, and staff; support existing and start new self advocacy groups and create self determination materials that are written for and by people with cognitive disabilities; participate on Department of Developmental Services and other statewide committees. In accordance with Sec. 49-52 of Public Act 12-197, General Workers employed in positions by the Department of Developmental Services as a Self-Advocate, not to exceed eleven such general workers, are 1) eligible for prorated sick leave, in accordance with DAS regulations; 2) eligible for prorated vacation and personal leave; and 3) must be given time off with pay, for the number of hours they would have been scheduled to work for any legal holiday that falls on a day that they would regularly be scheduled to work.
          AREAS:                  HOURLY RANGE:

1. Patient Worker $10.10 or
up to $10.10 if the agency/institution has a wage certificate
from the U.S. Dept. of Labor
2. Student Worker            $10.10
3. Developmental Services -  $10.10 to $12.00
Self Advocate Coordinator
Permanent status cannot be attained while working in this classification.

This replaces the existing specification for the class of General Worker in Salary Group VR 99 approved effective October 19, 2012. (Revised to modify Hourly Rate Schedule)

4112A 3/19/14 cm
CC Item#  Occup. Group Bargaining Unit EEO
4112  2005  (99)-Unassigned or Unknown
(8)-Service Maintenance