Class Code Pay Plan Class Title Eff.Date
In the Departments of Children and Families, Correction, Veterans Affairs, Developmental Services, Emergency Services and Public Protection, and Mental Health and Addiction Services this class is accountable for preparing and maintaining biweekly regular, overtime and supplemental payrolls for an assigned group of employees and for performing various payroll support activities.
This class is restricted to the agencies listed in the Purpose of Class section, where employees are scheduled to work on a 24-hour basis. In the Department of Children and Families, this class may be used for positions preparing payroll for the Albert J. Solnit Children's Center, the Connecticut Juvenile Training School, and Careline.
This class is restricted for use in situations where incumbents are required to perform a full range of activities in the preparation and maintenance of various employee payrolls, i.e. where incumbents are responsible for most aspects of payroll preparation for an assigned group of employees (division, region or facility). It is only to be used in situations where incumbents perform payroll related activities 75% or more of the time.
This class is not to be used for payroll activities of limited scope, i.e. where employees have responsibility for assisting in the preparation and maintenance of payroll(s) or for carrying out only one facet of payroll (health insurance billing, workers' compensation differentials, processing of health insurance applications, etc.).
Receives general supervision from a Payroll Officer or other employee of higher grade.
May lead lower level clerical employees.
Prepares biweekly regular, overtime, and supplemental payrolls: reviews employee time cards and/or timesheets for accuracy and completeness and posts hours worked to master payroll cards; reviews personnel and/or payroll change notices and posts changes and/or adjustments to master files, e.g. new hires, transfers, reclassifications, terminations, retirements, overpayments and/or underpayments, wage increases, deduction changes (health insurance, union dues and/or fees, credit union payments, charitable contributions, bond or sheltered tax annuity payments, group life insurance payments, etc.); calculates gross wages; notes deductions on worksheets and deduction summary sheets; prepares and balances prelists for Central Payroll (Office of State Comptroller), noting both salary and deduction data OR codes standard payroll action forms in conjunction with computerized payroll system; prepares and totals various deduction worksheets, e.g. Credit Union, Medical and/or Insurance Providers, etc.; prepares and submits summary sheets and transmittal certificates OR detailed analysis of expenditure reports and expenditure certificates to Central Payroll; verifies check register and printouts from Central Payroll against worksheets and records; performs various clerical accounting functions such as calculating balances and posting charges to expenditure accounts; prepares supplemental payrolls such as longevity payments, vacation pay, promotional adjustments, etc.; calculates and processes retroactive payments, collective bargaining increases and annual increments; performs various clerical accounting functions such as calculating balances and posting charges to expenditure accounts; verifies provider checks issued by Office of State Comptroller against own records; verifies providers' bills in same manner; keeps abreast of collective bargaining contract requirements and restrictions as related to payroll (dates for salary increases; overtime, shift differential and holiday pay restrictions, etc.); responds to employee inquiries regarding paychecks and payroll practices and procedures; maintains various records and files for payroll data and forms; may calculate workers' compensation and/or retirement payments; may calculate and monitor payroll deductions for court ordered wage executions (garnishments); may consult division or facility supervisors regarding employee time recorded; performs related duties as required.
Knowledge of payroll terminology, practices and procedures; knowledge of basic accounting and bookkeeping principles and procedures; knowledge of general office procedures; skill in performing arithmetic computations; basic interpersonal skills; ability to read, understand and apply applicable contract guidelines and regulations; ability to maintain records and files; ability to follow complex oral and written instructions; ability to operate office equipment which includes personal computer and other electronic equipment.
General Experience:
Four (4) years of experience in accounts payable, bookkeeping, payroll preparation or clerical work involving finances.
Special Experience:
One (1) year of the General Experience must been as a State of Connecticut Payroll Clerk (class code 6157).
Substitutions Allowed:
College training may be substituted for the General Experience on the basis of fifteen (15) semester hours equalling one-half (1/2) year of experience to a maximum of two (2) years.
Persons having responsibility for supervising or observing the behavior of inmates or custodial clients will be required to possess a high school diploma or General Educational Development (GED) certification at the time of appointment.
This replaces the existing specification for the class of Payroll Clerk (Three-Shift Operations) in Salary Group CL 17 approved effective November 21, 2013. (Revised to allow usage to Department of Veteran's Affairs)

6154A 11/3/16 cm
CC Final#  Occup. Group Bargaining Unit EEO
6154  2363  (05)-Clerical/Secretarial
(6)-Office Clerical