Class Code Pay Plan Class Title Eff.Date
5623  CL - 14 MEDICAL RECORDS TECHNICIAN 2  Jan 20, 2017
In the Department of Public Health, Tumor Registry section, this class is accountable for performing as a specialist by acting as either a field representative or liaison to all hospitals reporting cancer cases in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, or a quality control review technician for medical coding and maintenance of the master tumor and follow-up magnetic tape files.
Works under the limited supervision of the Tumor Registry Chief or Assistant Chief or other employee of higher grade.
May lead lower-level Medical Record Technicians or other clerical employees as assigned.
Assists in problem solving and training of lower level Medical Record Technicians; assists in coding (or codes) more difficult cases involving classification of cancer data; periodically reviews autopsy reports at Connecticut Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in order to verify all cancer related deaths; performs related duties as required.
Field Representative: Acts as liaison between Connecticut Tumor Registry and reporting hospitals: abstracts complete tumor records at federal and state government and veterans' hospitals in Connecticut as well as participating hospitals in Rhode Island and Massachusetts; ascertains correct primary sites and cancer morphology from hospital pathology reports; investigates all inquiries submitted by Tumor Registry coders, obtaining missing or clarifying information from report originators through phone calls, correspondence or visits; conducts audits at selected hospitals to ensure all cancer cases have been identified and reported to Tumor Registry; compares pathology reports with hospital cancer incidence report and documents missed cases; reviews hospital records for special studies on cancer; abstracts complete tumor records at certain institutions such as federal and state hospitals; at request of participating hospitals trains medical records personnel in proper abstracting procedures and communicates Tumor Registry informational needs and procedures; assists hospital registries in preparing statistical reports on cancer.
Quality Control Review Technician: Maintains computer quality control procedures, which involves correcting coding errors on code sheets as well as processing changes to master files; participates in special tumor studies which involve more complex medical coding or medical review
Considerable knowledge of medical terminology and gross human anatomy relating to cancer; considerable knowledge of coding principles and techniques used in Connecticut Tumor Registry and National Cancer Institute SEER Group; knowledge of proper use of International Codes of Disease; knowledge of standard procedures for cancer diagnosis and modes of therapy (such as radiation, chemotherapy, etc.); knowledge of hospital medical record and medical record library procedures; oral and written communication skills; interpersonal skills; ability to prepare and interpret statistical reports.
General Experience:
Four (4) years' clerical experience in categorizing, cataloging, and assembling data for statistical purposes.
Special Experience:
Two (2) years of the General Experience must have been at the level of a Medical Records Technician 1.
Substitution Allowed:
College training in medical secretarial work may be substituted for the General Experience on the basis of fifteen (15) semester hours equalling one-half (1/2) year of experience to a maximum of two (2) years.
Incumbents in this class may be required to travel.
This replaces the existing specification for the class of Medical Records Technician 2 in the Salary Group CL 14 approved effective May 26, 2009. (Revised to change the Service Status to Non-Competitive)

5623 2/1/17 cm
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5623  2405  (05)-Clerical/Secretarial
(6)-Office Clerical