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5723  HN - 18 MENTAL HEALTH ASSISTANT 2  Apr 28, 2017
In a Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services hospital, community behavioral health facility or program this class is accountable for leading Mental Health Assistants in the assessment, planning and implementation of paraprofessional nursing, clinical and/or rehabilitative interventions designed to support client short and/or long-term needs. In outpatient or community programs this class is accountable for independently performing the full range of paraprofessional functions in case management and crisis intervention services.
This class is used one of the following ways:
Leading other Mental Health Assistants on a ward or unit.
Coordinating an inpatient program such as an activities of daily living program or transitional living unit.
Acting as a full team member and independently performing the full range of paraprofessional case management and crisis intervention services in community mental health programs.
Receives general direction from a mental health professional of higher grade.
In a ward or unit leads Mental Health Assistants and other employees as assigned; in an inpatient, community and/or outpatient program may lead staff as assigned.
Participates in assigned nursing, clinical and/or rehabilitative interventions to meet client short and long-term needs; advocates for services or resources that meet client needs and preferences; observes and records client behavior; prepares incident and accident reports; monitors client progress; assists client with decision making and problem solving; assists client in learning and utilizing daily living skills, budgeting, medication monitoring and/or community adaptation skills; acts as a role model and instructs staff in crisis intervention techniques; develops goal directed relationships with individuals and/or groups; identifies and facilitates use of appropriate support networks; investigates alternative placement for client; participates in education and training activities to further skill development; participates in admission and discharge planning activities; protects civil rights of client; maintains a safe and healthy environment; may coordinate and direct programs and activities for a group of clients; performs related duties as required.
Community and/or Outpatient Programs: Functions as a team member of a case management or crisis intervention team; participates in assessment crisis, monitoring within facility or community at large (i.e. emergency rooms jails, homeless shelters, outpatients programs, etc.); provides individual, group and/or family supportive treatment under appropriate supervision; identifies and reinforces client skills, strengths, resources and preferences; applies accepted standards of nursing care to clients; participates in community outreach programs that include crisis intervention and family contact in home settings; identifies and accesses wide range of community resources; participates as a liaison to community agencies; makes arrangements for outpatient appointments; consults with care givers in other facilities regarding crisis intervention techniques; manages client behaviors through verbal communication when necessary; may problem solve with clients in community.
Inpatient Ward or Unit: Leads, trains and participates in training and development of Mental Health Assistants and other assigned employees; participates in developing and maintaining a therapeutic milieu; coordinates maintenance of a safe and healthy living environment; participates in meeting psychological and physical needs of client; identifies client strengths and assists in development of treatment plans; orients new client to ward or unit; participates in team nursing activities and development of nursing care and rehabilitation programs; may supervise self-administration of oral medications; may assist with data collection.
Considerable knowledge of psychiatric rehabilitation and/or case management principles, practices and procedures; considerable knowledge of acceptable standards of nursing care; knowledge of dynamics of human behavior; knowledge of hygiene and sanitation; knowledge of safety and fire procedures and security measures; knowledge of community resources and programs; considerable interpersonal skills; considerable communication skills; considerable counseling skills; observation skills; ability to lead staff; ability to supervise client activity; ability to interpret and implement agency and/or facility policies and procedures; ability to apply principles of therapeutic counseling under supervision; ability to develop curricula and instruct groups; organizational ability; ability to understand, interpret and carry out oral and written instructions.
General Experience:
Three (3) years' experience at the level of Mental Health Assistant 1.
Substitutions Allowed:
College training in mental health technology, a behavioral science, social work, rehabilitation therapy or its equivalent may be substituted for the General Experience on the basis of fifteen (15) semester hours equalling six (6) months of experience to a maximum of two (2) years.
Completion of a mental health trainee certificate program may be substituted for six (6) months of the General Experience.
Incumbents in this class may be required to be bilingual or fluent in American Sign Language.
2 .
Incumbents in this class may be required to possess and retain a valid Motor Vehicle Operator's license.
Incumbents in this class may be required to travel.
Incumbents in this class may be required to lift and restrain clients and may have significant exposure to infectious and/or /communicable diseases, strongly disagreeable conditions and risk of injury.
This replaces the existing specification for the class of Mental Health Assistant 2 in Salary Group HN 18 approved effective June 29, 2012. (Revised to modify Special Requirements)

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